Leverage our highly accurate AI algorithms to predict which of your opportunities will close this quarter. Try it for Free!

With the Aviso90 Challenge you can trial Aviso’s AI-powered Opportunity Management solution where we will apply our AI-based WinScores to every opportunity in your CRM system and predict, with 90% accuracy, which deals will close.

If we are not at least 90% accurate we will donate $500 to your favorite charity!

With the Aviso90 Challenge you will receive the following:

WinScores and Opportunity Insights for every opportunity in your CRM system. We will provide a demonstration of these insights to management upon completion of the trial.
A report showing historical close rates of deals per forecast category by week of quarter.
A summary report of WinScore distribution and a grid of deals for both prior quarter and Current.
A final summary scorecard demonstrating the accuracy of our WinScores against your actuals. After the first quarter, just pay $25 per opportunity per quarter*.


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