Why Are Leaders Choosing Aviso AI over Gong?

Proven at Fortune 500 scale, Aviso is the only 6-in-1 revenue intelligence operating system to drive enterprise agility, accelerate growth, and augment modern virtual selling teams. 


Why revenue teams love Aviso's AI 

Aviso brings together Sales Analytics, Conversational Intelligence, Sales Performance Management, and AI Sales Assistance, powered by the industry's only time-series database and Auto Machine Learning platform.


Integrated Revenue OS vs

Expensive Call Recording Tool 

One Compass


Integrated revenue teams are the future of B2B selling.

Unlike tools like Gong born in call intelligence who treat forecasting, CRM data capture, and collaboration as an afterthought and still charge an exorbitant price (as much as your CRM!), Aviso closes the loop from forecasting to deal execution to advanced conversational intelligence.

Best of all, a single workspace unifies everyone from customers and partners to all members of your sales and GTM team. See a week in the life of a sales team using AI.

Proven AI Guidance vs

a Weak Deal Intelligence Tool 


Unlike tools like Gong that only offer simple coaching insights e.g. Talk/Listen Ratios, Aviso gives sales managers the ability to coach reps the way sports coaches do: play-by-play with persona based "nudges" along the way.

Unlike Gong's weak deal intelligence capabilities, Aviso guides GTM teams through Opportunity Owner Insights, Email Sentiment Mining, Embedded deal, forecast, and coaching rooms, and prescriptive Deal Actions . 

Collaboration-Sales Owner Scorecard

Flexible, CRM-Agnostic Architecture vs Tools as costly as your CRM 

Conversional Intelligence focused tools have two fatal limitations: they cannot forecast at a deal-level, and they are more expensive than most CRMs. Unlike these single function tools, Aviso has successfully delivered 98%+ accurate forecasting at Fortune 500 scale, is not dependent on CRM hierarchy, and can roll-up any kind of complex forecast at Fortune 500 scale.

Best of all? Aviso costs a LOT less than CI tools and CRM. 

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Consult with an Aviso Expert

Ace the Virtual Selling new normal with AI
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Sell From Anywhere With AI

Ditch CRM; Win more Deals. Learn how to leverage AI to sell virtually as one revenue team, anywhere and everywhere. Aviso's AI building AI helps Fortune 500 leaders drive accurate forecasts even during a pandemic.

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What is Guided Selling?

Guided Selling can help sales teams make decisions three times faster, increase revenue, and take customer engagement to the next level — even in the most uncertain of times.