5 Ways to Combat Revenue Risk During a Pandemic

Learn How to Implement Bain & Company's Guidance for Revenue Teams

Bain & Company - 5 Ways to Combat Revenue Risk

How can Sales Leaders recalibrate strategy to succeed in this turmoil?

Bain & Company recently released a detailed article on this titled "Preserving Revenues in B2B Markets as COVID spreads" in which they point out what teams should do immediately.

Every sales team in today's markets should be implementing these top 5 recommendations by Bain. Aviso can help.

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  • Align teams for deal actions with Revenue "Win rooms"
  • Reduce forecasting risk from outdated trends & human biased data in CRM by using Predictive AI forecasting 
  • Recalibrate Revenue Sources with Surge, Secure, At-Risk methodology to prioritize efforts
  • Re-inspect entire pipeline to mitigate risks of new pipeline creation, inspection, and pipeline quality
  • Draw a spending map to stem the bleeding from CRM costs and other point sales tools that add limited value

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