Forecast Inputs. Sales Cycle and Pipeline Risk Effect

COVID Adjusted AI Forecasting

As COVID impacts both existing and net new deals, human intuition or spreadsheets are not enough to properly assess the many variables at play.

Aviso’s machine-learning algorithms and time-series database combined with our Data Science team’s newest models will accurately analyze your Q2 and Q3 risks and help recalibrate strategy and growth.

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Your Customized Risk Report

Aviso customers, including Fortune 100 leaders, rely on our reports to get an accurate picture of the truth.

Your assessment will include the following:

  • Accurate forecast based on leading indicators
  • AI scored deals map across your portfolio 
  • Deals in pipeline with COVID-19 induced risk
  • Deals that can be pulled-in from future quarters to offset revenue gaps
  • Understanding of implicit & explicit deal behavior

Download the report here

Aviso's 1 Year ROI

Aviso’s AI Compass brings together forecasting,
deal execution, and sales guidance in one platform
for your Sales and Go-to-Market team. 




Industry leaders leverage Aviso AI to manage opportunities more effectively