Reduce Your CRM Licenses and Spend by 38% with Aviso AI

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CRM Needs Aren't One-Size-Fits-All

In the example above we see how a company can leverage Aviso's time-series AI platform to lower CRM spend by 38%. Typical non-core users such as Procurement, Legal, Operations, and Leadership use CRM a few times a year, or not at all. Aviso helps migrate non-core CRM users who do not use CRM often into an AI experience that not only serves their raw data needs, but also gives them Insights, Actions, and Deal Rooms.

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Deal Guidance Not Data Fluffing




Aviso’s AI is about helping teams focus relentlessly on deals, versus getting lost in raw CRM. Aviso's Guided Selling platform goes through multiple data sources including CRM, deal rooms, calendar, and other 3rd party data sources to give the right insight at the right time for every deal.

This approach has helped Aviso customers like Honeywell, MongoDB, Splunk, and FireEye improve win rates by 6-14% and increase top-line revenue by over 12%.

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